Amazon Prime Video Made Huge Record in First Week on Apple TV Says Amazon

Amazon Prime Video has a hit with Apple TV customers all around the world it had the most first-week downloads of any app in the world history of tv OS. While the genuine number of Prime Video downloads was not unveiled, the tvOS App Store is right now home to a great many applications for the fourth-age Apple TV and fresher. And keep in mind that we can’t decide the past record-holding tv OS application for examination, the store itself has been open for more than three years now in respect to the arrival of Amazon Prime TV prior this month.

Amazon Prime Video has been launched on the tvOS App Store for the fourth-age and fifth-age Apple TV in earlier months, and it was manually made accessible to the Non-tvOS in Apple TV.

The Prime Video application works on different Apple TV gadgets much as it does on iPhone and iPad, allows to Amazon Prime users to sign in and get to the web-based business goliath’s huge library of more than 45,000 TV shows, Movies and on-demand substance for their survey joy.

Amazon prime video has been loved by many users from other platforms now its time for Apple platform user to happy such kind of app in tv OS which is finally available.

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