Industrialization System

Our scope of business covers research and development, and design and construction for the assembly of housing construction products. The company has already developed industrialized production bases for domestic housing in Shenzhen and Hefei. Construction products for industrialization include various types of prefabricated interior and exterior wall boards, floor panels, primary and secondary beams, staircases, balconies, complex glass-fiber reinforced concrete (GRC) exterior wall panels, kitchen and washroom modules, different specifications of bridge box girders, guard rails for roads and bridges, as well as various types of tunnel and subway duct pieces. The company also owns 19 patents covering such methods as the prefabrication and production of materials for kitchens and washroom modules and GRC composite components, as well as precast concrete molds and precast concrete stairway components. Types of products include domestic housing units, hotels, office buildings, factories, schools, bridges, roads, tunnels and subways.

The company has also received a highest-quality certificate from the Construction Bureau of Shenzhen for the precasting of mixed concrete components, and has passed the Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency’s ISO9001 quality certification, thereby retaining the qualified supplier status of precast concrete components for numerous departments in the Hong Kong government, including the Hong Kong Housing Department, Building Services Department, Drainage Services Department and Highways Department. The company has also become China’s housing industrialization base and a national-level new technology enterprise, enabling it to participate in the high-speed development track of China’s science and technology industry.