Investments System

The core business of the CSCII is to drive infrastructure and affordable housing investments, including investments in the construction of highways and bridges, public works and affordable housing. In recent years, the company has seized on market opportunities to engage a host of investment projects that have yielded significant social impact. The total investment volume of these initiatives, including the affordable housing and infrastructure projects in Jiaxing and Huzhou, the resettlement housing project in Chengdu’s Tianfu New District, the affordable housing project in Wenzhou’s Lucheng District and Tianjin’s Dongli District, the resettlement and public housing projects of Chongqing’s Hechuan District, the resettlement housing program of Hangzhou’s Xiaoshan District, the resettlement and infrastructure projects of Wuxi’s Huishan District, the affordable housing projects of Zhengzhou’s Zhongyuan District, and the Coastal Highway program in Wuhan, exceeds100 billion yuan. The geographical scope of these works encompasses various cities and regions of eastern, southern, south-western, northern and central China.