WhatsApp Business features come to light, will be launched as a standalone app




Hello Readers here WhatsApp will be soon propelling another rendition of its application for organizations. The application accompanies highlights, for example, pre-programmed messages, making a business profile, chat migration and analytics.

WhatsApp for business has been hitting the features since the previous couple of weeks. A month ago, we had revealed that WhatsApp has begun confirming business accounts on its stage. While benefit is in the testing stage, it has been found by Android, iPhone, Windows Applications Surveys and News.


The WhatsApp Business is likely to have the same green chat logo with the letter B in the center. The WhatsApp Business is said to have the same layout as the messaging platform with a search bar and Settings icon on top. There will be tabs for Calls, Chats and Status. Under the Settings option, you will see additions such as Business Settings and Statistics. From the Statistics option, you can see the number of those messages were sent, delivered, read and received as well.


“We do expect on charging organizations later on. We don’t have the points of interest of monetization made sense of,” WhatsApp’s Head Working Officer Matt Idema was cited as saying. “WhatsApp Business” is not the same as the normal WhatsApp.


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